t Lumosonus - An Introduction To Wearable Computing Using The Arduino

Wearable Workshop

Encouraging participation in the development of wearable technology.

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Wearable computing is becoming mainstream. If we want future creations to look right, fit right and place human experience at the core we must encourage a new generation of designers adept in working with nature, aesthetics, sensitivity and sustainability to engage with technology.

We seek to empower students and learners to take an active role in the development of technology which will benefit us all.


In an introductory workshop we look at the history of electronics and clothing and review what technology enables us to do today and tomorrow. We look at legally reverse engineering existing technology to learn about manufacturing electronic devices.

After an informal discussion and refreshments we reconvene into groups and build a wearable electronic accessory based around an Arduino Lilypad USB, it will receive input from a sensor, process the input using software and output a result, in this demonstration we will illuminate a Light Emitting Diode (LED) in response to an audio trigger such as handclap or whistle.


Tudor Watson has been working with computers and the web since its inception, Mannuela Benini has extensive experience running workshops and is immersed in the culture of carnivals and the history, and future, of the costumes they feature.